Who says it’s only humans who can wear shades to look glamorous even when the sun’s shining brightly? Windows have ‘em too- window shades!

Shades are great for giving your Phoenix home a "soft" look while blocking out the strong sun

Unlike blinds and shutters, window shades are a one-piece material that can only be raised or lowered to filter the lights from coming in. They refer to this as the “soft window treatment” where you can get a stylish look for your home while keeping your budget intact.

What are the types of shades I can choose from?

Shades give your space a sleek look by neatly matching with your window size and being stacked on top. You can also control the opacity level of the light so it’ll match the atmosphere you wish to have in your space. Here are some types of shade you can choose from:

Cellular Shades

It’s the “current favorite” kind of shade in this list. It has a small compartment which collects cold and hot air, which yields energy efficiency. What’s more about cellular shades is that you don’t have to suffer from stiff designs- every color and pattern you can think of is available.


Roller Shades

If we have the current favorite, roller shades are the “old favorite” when it comes to shades. But old doesn’t mean it’s not functional- it’s simply the standard shade you can install in your home. It’s budget-friendly yet appealing to the eye.


Woven Shades

Want a simple yet elegant look? Pick woven shades created from natural fibers to throw a unique and environmental-friendly vibe in your home.


Roman Shades

Seeking for elegance? Roman shades got you back. Its fabric creates soft folds which go down horizontally on your windows when you lower it. And if you grew tired of drapery alone, roman shades are here to rescue you as an affordable and less formal option


The benefits of shades

We have blinds, shades, and shutters to keep the light beaming in our windows away. All of it can be installed either for functionality or aesthetic purposes. But among these window treatments, shades hold a secret gem which will make you fall in love with it- might as well choose to install one in your home immediately!

Aside from being inexpensive while offering versatility when it comes to design, shades are chosen for several other reasons- like here in Phoenix, Arizona! If you’re still confused in choosing shades over other window treatment, we’ve wrapped up the top benefits of having shades that will surely change your mind.

  • Enchanced Light Control - with shades, you get to choose what ambiance or mood your room will be in. Shades take advantage of the light that passes through to give your room an appealing look.
  • Maximum Sun Protection - should you fancy to protect your furniture and other equipment from the harsh Arizona sun, installing shades might be the best choice for your room to have that extra protection from the sun.
  • Energy Efficiency - aside from blocking the heat and cold from creeping in your room, shades also happens to trap these elements so you also enjoy the privilege of being efficient with energy use.
  • Privacy - shades will literally give you the shade from peeping eyes and other external variables. Without blocking the light completely, you get to experience the utmost privacy in every corner of your home.

Shades are the innovative and chic yet affordable option you can choose for your home. However, careful planning is needed to get the most out of it and enjoy every bit of efficiency it offers.

To get the best look and functionality in your window shades, shoot us a message and we’ll be more than glad to send you a helping hand from choosing up to the installation of the perfect window shades for your home.

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