Who says only humans can wear shades to look stylish? Window shades can be a great asset to your home’s design. 

Shades are great for giving your Phoenix home a "soft" look while blocking out the strong sun

Unlike blinds and shutters, window shades are a one-piece material that can only be raised or lowered to filter light from coming in. They refer to this as the “soft window covering” where you can get a stylish look for your home while keeping your budget intact.

What are the types of shades I can choose from?

Shades give your room a sleek look by neatly matching you window’s size while being stacked on top. You can also control the opacity level of the light so it’ll match the atmosphere you wish to have in your space. Below are some types of Custom Window Shades you can choose from.

Cellular Shades

The most popular type of shade in this list. It has a small compartment which collects cold and hot air, making it energy efficient for your home. Also, cellular shades are not stuck to one color or design – many colors and patterns are available.

Cellular Shades Tempe AZ

Roller Shades

While cellular shades currently the most popular, roller shades are the “old favorite”. But, old doesn’t mean it’s not functional- it’s simply the standard shade you can install in your home. It’s budget-friendly yet appealing to the eye.

Roller Shades Tempe AZ
Roller Shades Installation Tempe AZ
Window Roller Shades Installation Tempe AZ
Custom Window Shades Tempe AZ
Window Shades Installation Tempe AZ
Window Shades Installation in Tempe AZ
Custom Roller Shades Installation Tempe AZ
Tempe AZ Custom Window Shades

Woven Shades

Want a simple yet elegant look for Custom Window Shades? Pick woven shades created from natural fibers to throw a unique and environmental-friendly vibe in your home.

Roller Shades for Windows Tempe AZ

Roman Shades

Looking for a more elegant shade? Roman shades are your choice! Its fabric creates soft folds which go down horizontally on your windows when you lower it,  and if you grow tired of drapery alone, roman shades are here to rescue you as an affordable and less formal option
Roman Shades Tempe AZ

The benefits of shades

Window Statement is one of the versatile Local Shade Installers Near Me in Tempe, AZ. Contact us for Window Shades Installation today. We have blinds , shades, and shutters to decrease light intensity coming through our windows. All of it can be installed either for functionality or aesthetic purposes. But among these window coverings, shades have many benefits that will make you truly enjoy your home more. Aside from being inexpensive and having a versatile design, shades are chosen for several other reasons- especially here in Arizona! Below are some benefits for shades:

Shades are an innovative and affordable. To get the best look and functional window shades for your home, send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to send you a helping hand choosing the right shad style and design for yoru home.

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